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161 Didn’t History ALREADY Happen? Part 6

Jeff FINALLY wraps up his series on the importance of understanding history.

151 Only Who is Left

Jeff discusses the cognitive bias known as “survivor-ship bias.”

149 The Power of Continuing Education Part 2

Jeff offers some tips for organizing your work when researching a topic.

148 The Power of Continuing Education Part 1

Jeff discusses the importance of continuing to learn after your school days.

87 The Power of Doubt Part 3

Jeff concludes his three-part discussion of skepticism as it applies both to the martial arts and to life.

86 The Power of Doubt Part 2

Jeff continues his three part treatment of skepticism, both in the martial arts and in the rest of life.  In this episode he discusses how we know what we know.

85 The Power of Doubt Part 1

Skepticism is a lifelong search for the truth through the learning and use of critical thinking skills and the scientific method, COMBINED with a profound sense of humility through the realization that the very instrument you are using to help pursue the truth, your imperfect brain, is plagued with weaknesses that litter the path to truth like landmines.


39 A More Precise Take on Precision Striking

Jeff discusses how to enhance the effectiveness of your striking by focusing on five factors that lend precision to your strike.

35 That’s Funny, it Worked on YouTube!

Jeff discusses the pros and cons of learning martial arts on-line.

8 How Do You Know?

Jeff discusses the development of critical thinking skills to protect yourself from the negative effects of fraudulent claims in the martial arts and in life.

1 How Long Will it Take?

In the first episode of The Martial Brain, Jeff Westfall does a takedown of three of the most common questions that prospective customers at his Academy ask.