Tagself defense

136 Profile of a Victim

Jeff discusses parallels in the way both violent predators and con artists select their victims.

120 First Allegiance

Jeff discusses the dangers of tribalism in martial arts academies.

119 There’s a Box There for a Reason!

Jeff discusses the payoffs and pitfalls of marching to the beat of a different drummer.

110 You Are Not the Punisher

Jeff discusses the ethical and legal dangers of following sport martial arts protocols in self defense.

82 Child’s Play

Jeff discusses the pitfalls of seeking martial arts instruction for very young children.

51 Building Your Grappling Game

Jeff shares his philosophy on the most efficient path to an effective grappling game.

2 Martial Sports vs. Martial Combat Arts

Jeff shares his thoughts on the debate over the relative value of training in “sport” martial arts and “combat” martial arts.